Simple Pleasures

Music from the New Era

1. Sunrise, soft and still, golden streams of light
Falling from the cloudless sky to bring the end of night.
Glist’ning leaves, budding trees, a singing bird in flight—
With all these wonders I am blessed to have the gift of sight.



2. Singing, clear and sweet, a newborn baby’s cry;
Laughter from a little child, a mother’s lullaby.
Falling leaves, a summer breeze as gentle as a tear;
My life is full, my spirit flies—how blessed I am to hear.



3. Knowledge, the search for truth, a testimony’s birth;
Answers whispered to my heart—how much a soul is worth.
Eternal life, an end to strife: the song my spirit sings.
As I pray I’m blessed to know the peace the gospel brings.



Simple pleasures, simple joys,
I’m given all of these.
Thankfulness then fills my heart
and brings me to my knees.

Text: Linda Hart

Music: Linda Hart

Artist: Hart

Album: Music Published in the Church Magazines: New Era

Composition Date: 1995-11-01

More Info: New Era


nature, sight, hearing, testimony, Holy Ghost, Thanksgiving, gratitude