Shining Star

Music from the New Era

1. If I had lived in Galilee
Or walked Jerusalem’s road,
Followed Jesus by Jordan’s sea,
Would I have tried to lift His load?


2. I wonder what my thoughts
If I had seen the shining star
If it had been my happy lot
To hear the angels from afar.

Would I have followed wisemen
With a loving gift of mine,
To a stable in Bethlehem
Leaving all else behind?
O silent skies, so full of light,
Shine peace on this world tonight.
Let hate and envy, grief and wars
Be hid forever beneath shining stars.

Text: Eleanor Madsen

Music: RaeAnn Rasmuson

Artist: Madsen/Rasmussen

Album: Music Published in the Church Magazines: New Era

Composition Date: 1979-12-01

More Info: New Era


Christmas, star, wise men, Bethlehem, faith, obedience