Samuel the Lamanite

Samuel the Lamanite

Music from the Friend

1. Samuel the Lamanite came to the Nephites
To warn them that they must repent.
He climbed to the top of a very tall wall,
And he told them why he was sent.


2. “Five years from now the Son of God
will be born upon the earth.
A new star will shine, the day will not end
As signs that our Lord will come
As signs that our Lord will come.”


3. They threw large stones, shot arrows at him,
and he jumped from the wall and fled.
But five years from then the signs came to pass.
Christ came to redeem all men
Christ came to redeem all men.


Text: Lynn Lund

Music: Mabel Gabbott

Artist: Gabbott/Lund

Album: Music Published in the Church Magazines: Friend

Composition Date: 1988-12-01

More Info: Friend


Christmas, prophet, Jesus Christ, prophecy, miracle