Safe Within His Keep (Holyoak, SATB)

Safe Within His Keep (Holyoak, SATB)

Music for Choirs, Submitted Music (2012-present)

Safe Within His Keep


Little Lambs Who Roam

Far beyond the glen,

Christ will lead you gently home,

Trust that he’s your friend

Through the darkest storm,

o’er the torrent deep,

let Him carry you in His arms

Safe within His keep


Little lambs who stray,

Quickly falls the night

See, the Shepherd points the way,

Follow in His light.

Listen to His voice.

Trust the Master’care;

Ever near your side,

He will guide to meadows bright and fair.


Christ would give His life for one lamb.

He calls each one by name

He will not abandon you,

For none are lost to Him.

Let your heart be still and follow Him.


Little lambs, return to the Shepherd’s path.

Freed in pastures verdant green,

Guardest by His staff.

Turn and seek Him now.

Feel His quiet peace as He carries you in His arms,

Safely, Safe within His keep

Little lambs, safe in His keep.

Text: Gary Croxall and Kathleen Holyoak

Music: Kathleen Holyoak