Repentance (Blaisdell and Deen)

Repentance (Blaisdell and Deen)

Music from the Friend

1. When I don’t mind my parents
And want to have my way,
I soon feel very sorry
For things I do and say.
And so I ask forgiveness
To show I really care.
I talk to Heav’nly Father,
Who always hears my prayer.

2. I love my Heav’nly Father
And earthly parents too.
They want to be forgiving
For wrong things that I do.
If I keep trying harder
To live the way I should,
I’ll turn away from evil,
Repent, and seek what’s good.

Text: Wanda Blaisdell

Music: Maurine Deen

Artist: Blaisdell/Deen

Album: Music Published in the Church Magazines: Friend

Composition Date: 1977-06-01

More Info: Friend


Repentance, forgiveness