Psalm of Praise (Ward)

Psalm of Praise (Ward)

Solos to Sing, Submitted Music (1998-2006)

I will sing praise and thanks unto the Lord;

Let ev’ry heart and voice proclaim Him.

Heav’n and earth rejoice and praise His name.

All nations bow before the Lord;

He ruleth over all in wisdom.

All creation lauds His fame.

He judges righteously with love and mercy.


Though oft surrounded by fear and temptation,

My comforting Savior has promised,

The bright shining ray of hope in my despondent gloom.

At night may my soul quietly rest in thy tender care.

And in the day’s war with sin, quicken my zeal,

That I may battle victorious.


I will sing praise and thanks unto the Lord.

And may the sons of nations thunder;

shouting praise to him forevermore, our great Redeemer.


So may my psalm of praise unto the Lord,

become a glad refrain from my heart.

A psalm of praise and glory;

a grateful voice from my heart; a psalm from my heart.

Text: Kay H. Ward

Music: Kay H. Ward

Album: Submitted Music (1998-2006)

Composition Date: 1998

More Info: CMS 1998


Praise, Joy, Gratitude