Prophets Then and Now

Prophets Then and Now

Music from the Friend

1. In olden times, Jehovah told
His will thru prophets’ voice.
They spoke for Him: “Thus saith the Lord.
Now hearken and rejoice! Hearken and rejoice!

2. In latter days, Jehovah tells
His will thru prophets’ voice.
So I will listen and obey
To gain eternal joys, gain eternal joys.

3. Today Jehovah’s prophet speaks
I’ll hearken to his voice
As if the Savior spoke to me,
Then make a righteous choice, make a righteous choice.

Text:  Penelope Allen

Music:  Kenneth Jones

Artist:  Allen/Jones

Album:  Music Published in the Church Magazines: Friend

Composition Date:  1998-10-01

More Info:  Friend


Prophets, restoration, agency, obedience