Prayer of a Child (Jones)

Prayer of a Child (Jones)

Music for Children, Submitted Music (1992-1997)

Heavenly Father, Help me I pray,

Help me to live all Thy teachings this day.

Help me with kindness, patience and love,

May I be led by Thy Spirit above.


Heavenly Father, Help me to live,

Honestly, faithfully, able to give.

Give of myself, my talents and time,

Thus understanding Thy plan so divine.


Heavenly Father, Help me to learn,

Wisdom from parents and teachers in turn

Learn of the Savior, His love for me,

May I be blest to return unto Thee.

Text: Ann Jones

Music: Charles E. Jones

Album: Submitted Music (1992-1997)

Composition Date: 1996

More Info: CMS 1996


Prayer, Heavenly Father, Faith