Praise to the Lamb

Praise to the Lamb

Music from the New Era

1. O praise His name, ye Sons of God.
Our Saviour, Lord, and King.
From ev’ry mountain, hill and plain,
Let your Hosannas ring,
To Him who died on Calvary
That we might live again.
Hosanna to the Lamb of God,
Hosanna to His name.


2. His love was great, he showed the way
For greater light divine.
So let us show our love for Him,
Arise, go forth and shine,
Come let us teach His gospel plan
That ev’ryone might say,
Hosanna to the Lamb of god,
Hosanna to His name.

Text:  Ryan Kemp

Music:  Ryan Kemp

Artist:  Kemp

Album:  Music Published in the Church Magazines: New Era

Composition Date:  1988-08-01

More Info:  New Era


Lamb of God, love, Calvary, teach, gospel, obedience