Pioneer Lullaby

Music from the Ensign

1. Low, lie low, my dear little one,
Under the starlight, under the sun.
Under the bluebells, under the grass.
Low,—lie low as the solemn wheels pass.

2. Yesterday, yesterday two little feet
Ran through the meadow, the wildflowers sweet.
Snowtime and flowertime cover you deep.
Low,—lie low as I lay you to sleep.

3. Blessed, oh blessed the day of our Lord,
Blessed the dead—who rise at his word,
Blessed the angels who swing wide the door.
Blessed the time when I hold you once more.
Blessed the time when I hold you once more.

Text: Virginia Kammeyer

Music: David Zabriskie

Artist: Kammeyer/Zabriskie

Album: Music Published in the Church Magazines: Ensign

Composition Date: 1980-06-01

More Info: Ensign


Pioneers, nature, resurrection, motherhood