Our Savior’s Atonement

Our Savior’s Atonement

Music from the Friend

The Lord and Savior died for me
On the cross of Calvary
And suffered for me willingly
In the Garden of Gethsemane.
Jesus paid for ev’ry wrong;
That’s why He was sent.
He suffered pain the whole night long
so we could all repent.
My Savior sacrificed,
I know He paid the price,
and I know He did it willingly for me
in the lonely night of Gethsemane.
I think of His atonement.
I think about His pain.
Because my Savior died for me,
I know I’ll live again.

Text:  Ruth Ellis

Music:  Ruth Ellis

Artist:  Ellis

Album:  Music Published in the Church Magazines: Friend

Composition Date:  1997-04-01

More Info:  Friend


Atonement, Savior, suffer, sacrifice, gratitude