Our Prayer to Thee

Our Prayer to Thee

Music from the Ensign

We pray to thee, our Heav’nly Father. With grateful hearts and fond emotion.

We thank Thee for our great Exemplar – Thy beloved and atoning Son –

Who gave Himself as sacred ransom, That we could live again with Thee!

Our joy is full, our song so gladsome; Renew our faith and hope in Thee

We pray to Thee, our Heav’nly Father, With thankful Hearts and adoration.

We thank Thee for our loving Savior, Who redeemed us from death and sin;

He gave to us His truth to brighten our path, to help us walk His way.

To love and serve, to lift and lighten the lives of all who will obey.

We pray to Thee, our Heav’nly Father with gratitude and deep devotion

For loving faith and endless splendor – Eternal glory – bound as one!

We pray for mercy and forgiveness and hope to know Thy holy will.

We yearn for Thee, we plead in meekness, Thy trust in us may we fulfill.

Text: Russell M. Nelson

Music: Joseph Parry

Arranged By: Mack Wilberg

Artist: Nelson/Parry/Wilberg

Album: Music Published in the Church Magazines: Ensign

Composition Date: 2012-05-03

More Info: Ensign


Prayer, faith, trust, gratitude, Jesus Christ