Our Father and Our God

Our Father and Our God

Music from the New Era

1. Our Father and our God,
We pledge to thee this day
That we will grasp the iron rod
And walk the narrow way.


2. To thee our all we give
And choose thee for our guide,
As by thine ev’ry word we live
And in thy truth abide.


3. Thus shall we rise above
The sordid pull of earth
To seek thy face, O God of love,
And things of timeless worth.


4. Though men and devils rage,
Our trust remains in thee,
For thou, unchanged from age to age,
Our sure defense shall be.

Text: Douglas Ipson

Music: Douglas Ipson

Artist: Ipson

Album: Music Published in the Church Magazines: New Era

Composition Date: 1997-11-01

More Info: New Era


iron rod, staight and narrow path, guidance, truth, trust, faith