On Bended Knee

Music from the New Era

1.  In prayer and deep sincerity, I come again on bended knee.

This sweet communion makes me whole. Brings solace to my troubled soul.

I daily learn humility in fervent prayer, on bended knee


2. In former times, a faithful youth appealed to God for light and truth,

Where darkness and despair had been came plain and precious truth again.

Thus Joseph’s prayer amidst the trees was answered while on bended knee.


3. And Jesus in Gethsemane proved His eternal love for me.

Atoning drops of blood were shed to save my soul from sin and death.

“Thy will be done,” obediently the Savior prayed on bended knee.


4. He gently heals my aching heart.  My loneliness and fear depart.

The peace the Holy Spirit gives is testimony that He lives.

I feel my father’s love for me when I’m in prayer on bended knee.

Text: Kevin Olson

Music: Kevin Olson

Artist: Olsen

Album: Music Published in the Church Magazines: New Era

Composition Date: 2012-04-04

More Info: New Era


prayer, peace, solace, Joseph Smith, first vision, Gethsemane, healing