Oh, May My Mind Be Stayed on Thee

Oh, May My Mind Be Stayed on Thee

Submitted Hymn Texts, Submitted Music (2012-present)

Oh, may my mind be stayed on thee,

Good Shepherd of my soul

That I may feel thy perfect peace,

And through thy grace be whole.




Oh, may I wait upon thee, Lord,

Redeemer, King of Kings,

That I may run with strength renewed

And mount with eagles’ wings.




Oh, may I trust in thee, my God,

And fear not what men say

That I may be upheld by thee

And strengthened day by day.


Oh, may I come to thee, dear Lord,

When weary and oppressed

And take upon me thy sweet yoke;

In thee I’ll find my rest.




For thou wilt bind the broken heart

And set the captive free

Upon thy palm I am engraved—

My Savior thou wilt be.

Text: Sharlee Mullins Glenn

Album: Submitted Music (2012-present)

Composition Date: 2012

More Info: CMS 2012


Trust, Jesus Christ, Testimony