O Lord, Who Gave Thy Life for Me

O Lord, Who Gave Thy Life for Me

Music from the Ensign

O Lord, who gave Thy life for me, I come now in hu –

mil - i - ty And here my sac - ri - fice im - part: A

con- trite soul, a bro - ken heart. Oh, may Thy love in

mer- cy shine And bind my sor - r’wing heart to Thine.


2. Up - on the al - tar here I lay My pride, my hurt, each

will - ful way, My bur - den all of sin and care, And

in its place Thy yoke I’ll bear. Oh, may Thy love my

soul re - fine And bind my trust - ing heart to Thine.


3. My heart is full of love for Thee Be - cause I know Thou

first loved me. Now by that love I’ll seek to live And

free - ly, like Thy - self, for - give. Oh, may Thy love my

life de - fine And bind my will - ing heart to Thine.



4. And as I strive to thus en - dure With clean - er hands and

heart more pure, In all a - round I see Thy face And

feel the boun - ties of Thy grace. O Sav - ior, may Thy

love di - vine Now bind my grate - ful heart to Thine.

Text: Alice Johnson

Music: Alice Johnson

Artist: Johnson

Album: Music Published in the Church Magazines: Ensign

Composition Date: 2012-10-02

More Info: Ensign