No Other Name But Jesus (Gabbott)

No Other Name But Jesus (Gabbott)

Music for Choirs, Submitted Music (1992-1997)

No other name but Jesus,

No other name but thine,

Offers all men atonement,

Offers a hope divine.

No other one could suffer,

Nor act in mediation,

No other one but thee, O Lord,

Can offer men salvation.


Lord in the water’s coolness,

I took thy name on me.

With sacrament I witness

I do remember Thee.

This is thy gift supreme Lord,

That I could be forgiven.

If I repent and honor thy name,

Our Father’s Own Begotten.


No other way is certain.

None but thy narrow way.

If I would gain thy kingdom,

And live with thee some day.

Thine is a path of service,

Of love complete, supernal.

No other way but thine, O Lord,

Can lead to life eternal.

Text: Mabel Jones Gabbott

Music: Lynn S. Lund

Album: Submitted Music (1992-1997)

Composition Date: 1993

More Info: CMS 1993


Name of Jesus, Atonement, Hope