Nature’s Brightest Dress

Nature’s Brightest Dress

Music from the Friend

1. The gusty wind whips through the trees and makes a peaceful sound.
The colored leaves twirl here and there as they frolic on the ground.
All nature wears her brightest dress,
The finest of the year.
To let us know that fall has come,
And harvesttime is here.

2. Our feathered friends are flying south.
They do not care to stay.
The busy squirrel has gathered food—
and has it stored away.
All nature speaks her deepest thanks,
Both creature, child, and man.
For autumn time and harvesttime are part of God’s great plan.

Text: Naomi Randall

Music: Charlene Newell

Artist: Randall/Newell

Album: Music Published in the Church Magazines: Friend

Composition Date: 1985-10-01

More Info: Friend


Autumn, nature, gratitude