My Testimony Is Growing

My Testimony Is Growing

Music from the Friend

1. I believe that Heav’nly Father knows me, and He cares,
For when I ask for help, He gives me answers to my prayers.
I believe He loves me, too, because He sent His Son
To die for me so I can live when life on earth is done.


2. I believe that Joseph Smith was chosen by the Lord
to be the one through whom He could reveal His sacred word.
I believe our prophet knows God’s will for us today,
and we must listen carefully to what he has to say.



My testimony is growing, as gospel seeds are sown.
My testimony is growing, a witness of my own.

Text: Kathryn Decker

Music: Kathryn Decker

Artist: Decker

Album: Music Published in the Church Magazines: Friend

Composition Date: 1994-03-01

More Info: Friend


Testimony, prayer, atonement, spirituality, Jesus Christ