My Testimony Grows

My Testimony Grows

Music from the Friend

1. When I kneel to pray,
I know that Jesus cares.
And if I pray with faith,
The Lord will hear my prayers.
For Jesus says to us,
“If you remember Me,
And do the things I do,
Your testimony grows.”

2. When I read God’s words,
Of all that He has done,
I know that Jesus lives,
And loves us, ev’ryone.
When I remember Him,
Do all He says to do,
I know His words are true.
My testimony grows.

Text:  Mabel Gabbott

Music:  Lynn Lund

Artist:  Gabbott/Lund

Album:  Music Published in the Church Magazines: Friend

Composition Date:  1991-04-01

More Info:  Friend


Testimony, prayer, Jesus Christ, love, faith