My Soul Hungered

My Soul Hungered

Seminary Music: Book of Mormon

Oh my soul hungered the moment I knelt down to pray,

And felt all my doubts wash away.

Oh my soul hungered, He heard my cry.

The voice of the Lord spoke peace to my mind.

Oh my soul hungered Things that were old became new

When I learned to feel what I already knew.

With all my heart, With all my soul,

I wrestled before the Lord to make my life whole.

He filled my hunger, He fed my soul.

He fed my soul.

The truth that belonged to everyone else

 Is now a sacred part of myself.

Oh, I found out what I could not find,

When I heard with my heart

What I knew in my mind.

Oh, my soul hungered.

Text:  Steven K. Jones

Music:  Kurt Bestor

Arranged By:  Brian Jensen

Artist:  David Brooks


prayer, youth, Holy Ghost, Jesus Christ