My Father Guides Me (Gatrell)

My Father Guides Me (Gatrell)

Music for Children, Submitted Music (1992-1997)

My father guides me here on earth

As God would have him do.

And he has blessed me from my birth

Through priesthood power, too.

He leads me up life’s rocky road

Towards our celestial home,

And shelters me from sin’s dark load,

I’ll never walk alone.


My father shows me what is right,

According to God’s plan.

He teaches me to seek the light.

That comes from God to man.

He pilots me through troubled days,

My anchor in the storm

And shepherds me from Satan’s ways,

Protected, safe and warm.


My father listens to my needs;

He’s here to do his part

In nourishing and planting seeds

Of faith with in my heart.

I want, one day, to be like him,

Unselfish, honest, kind,

Arising star that wrong can’t dim,

If good thoughts fill my mind.


My father kneels with me each night

To seek the Lord in prayer,

And thank Him for the gospel light

And blessings that we share.

We want to do our Saviors will.

His guidance from above

Will help my father keep me still

Encircled by their love.

Text:  Ruth B. Gatrell

Music:  Ruth B. Gatrell

Album:  Submitted Music (1992-1997)

Composition Date:  1997

More Info:  CMS 1997


Prayer, Guidance, Love