My All is Thine

Music for Choirs, Submitted Music (2007-2011)

What gift have I, dear Lord, to give thee?

What shall I set before thy throne?

Thou art the giver of every treasure,

I can but offer thee thine own.


Take thou my song and I will praise thee,

Teach me to sing for thy delight,

Let every echo tell of thy glory,

Take thou my song, my song is thine.


Take thou my heart, oh how I love thee!

For thou art just, thou art kind,

Let my devotion bear witness of thee.

Take thou my heart, my heart is thine.


Take thou my soul for thou hast bought me,

With countless tears, with love divine,

My debt is purchased by thy tender mercy,

Take thou my soul, my soul is thine.


All that I am I freely offer,

Withholding nothing that is mine.

I lay my heart, my song, my soul upon the alter,

Oh, Savior, take my all, my all is thine.

Text: Sally DeFord

Music: Sally DeFord

Album: Submitted Music (2007-2011)

Composition Date: 2010

More Info: CMS 2010