More Than I Can Give

More Than I Can Give

Music from the New Era

1. When I see someone who is in need
Whom I can comfort, clothe, or even feed
I realize how much I have, and I know it’s given to me
To relieve the suff’ring that I see.



2. So I give my substance to the poor
To pay my debt, but then I’m given more;
And so I never can repay the One who has helped me so to live,
But I can show love in how I give.



And when I serve others with love
I am uplifted and filled with peace;
It seems that I’m the one who receives;
I’m given strength that comes from above.

Text: Laura Ashton

Music: Laura Ashton

Artist: Ashton

Album: Music Published in the Church Magazines: New Era

Composition Date: 1993-11-01

More Info: New Era


Service, sharing, strength, love, blessings, thanksgiving, gratitude