Make You Whole

Seminary Music: New Testament

1. How can I face all this suff`ring?

How can I bear all this pain?

Why does each day seem impossible to face?

Can all prayers be in vain?

Can I endure it all?

Save me before I fall.

Can I hold on for one more day?

This pain is more t ha I can bear.

Does someone really care?



There is one who gave His life for you.

He’ll take your pain.

If you have faith, and trust in Him,

He’ll make you whole again.

With great mercy He will gather you

And great shall be your peace.

Trust in Him to heal your soul.

If you will reach,

He’ll raise you up and make you whole.


2. Darkness appears all around me

And peace is gone from my heart.

I can’t see clearly to find my way back home;

Can’t find a place to start.

Can someone touch my soul

To mend and make me whole?

Oh give me courage to be strong.

When will this suff`ring fin`lly end?

Will I be whole again?

Text: Joel McCausland and Betty Jenson

Music: Merrill Jenson

Artist: Sonja Jenson and Joel McCausland


Savior, atonement, healing, repentance