Lord, If It Be Thy Will (Lund)

Lord, If It Be Thy Will (Lund)

Music for Choirs, Submitted Music (1992-1997)

Lord, if it be thy will,

Take Thou my hand in Thine.

I wander all alone,

Thou art all wise, divine.

Teach me to walk thy path

And choose the certain way,

That leads to heaven’s light

And thine own heart, I pray.


Lord, if it be thy will,

Heal my repentant heart.

Lift me from my despair

To make a better start.

Help me to follow Thee

In service and in love

That I may come in faith

To dwell with Thee, above.


Lord, in my deepest need,

Thou hast remembered me.

Now I would lose my life

In loving, serving Thee.

Humbly I bow my head,

Grateful for tender care.

For blessings that are mine,

For life and light and prayer.


Lord, if it be thy will

Keep thou my hand in thine.

Text: Mabel Jones Gabbott

Music: Lynn S. Lund

Album: Submitted Music (1992-1997)

Composition Date: 1993

More Info: CMS 1993


Sacrifice, Choice, Desire