Let Us Go Unto The Temple (Gatrell)

Let Us Go Unto The Temple (Gatrell)

Music for Choirs, Music for Women, Submitted Music (1992-1997)

Let us go unto the Temple,

That house of peace and prayer.

I know God’s holy spirit in truth is ever there.

I can leave my worldly troubles without the temple door.

And look to life eternal in His kingdom ever more.


The temple is the only place

where man and wife can kneel

and have a servant of the Lord eternal blessings seal

upon their sacred marriage for all eternity

No longer can death put an end to family unity.


Once I’ve made those sacred covenants

with God who rules on high,

in faith and purity each day I want to signify

That all I have, and all I am are His, I’ll do His will.


I need to feel His love,

His light my soul to fill.


Giving sweet assurance that His peace is with me still.

I must live to be found worthy to enter at the gate,

so I can do for others the work for which

they wait beyond the veil of our existence here on earth.

The greatest gift that I can give for their hope,

rebirth For fam’lies linked together,

gospel blessings all to share,

United in God’s holy Kingdom, safe within His care.

Let us go unto the temple, that house of peace and prayer.

Text:  Ruth B. Gatrell

Music:  Ruth B. Gatrell

Album:  Submitted Music (1992-1997)

Composition Date:  1995

More Info:  CMS 1995


Temples, Prayer, Worship