Let Me Soar

Let Me Soar

Young Women Selected Songs: A Song of the Heart

1. Let me soar.

Let me do the things that help me learn and grow.

Let me soar.

Let me listen with a heart that yearns to know.

Trust in me to follow wisely in the way of truth.

Trust in me to serve my brother while upon this earth.


2. Let me soar.

Let me reach out for the one who needs my hand.

 Let me soar.

Let me cease to want and selfishly demand.

Trust in me to lead the way for those who fall behind. 

Trust in me to take the hands of those whose lives are blind.

Reach our for the one who needs your love.

Reach our for those whisp’rings from above.

Reach our for in reaching we all find

 those precious feelings shared by all mankind.

Let me he will draw me near.

Text:  Newell Dayley

Music:  Newell Dayley


service, love, humility, wisdom