Music for Women, Submitted Music (2007-2011)

I remember mother, and now I understand,

Through all the days of childhood, my life was in her hands,

For everything that she held dear is also dear to me.

There is so much of Mother in me.


Time has passed so quickly.  I’m mother in her place

With children who are learning the truths they will embrace.

And as I watch them find their way, it humbles me to see

There is so much they’re learning from me.

The gifts we give our children are gifts they’ll someday share,

For all their hopes and all their dreams are fashioned by our care.


Someday when I’m Grandma, I hope that I will see

My children’s children living a timeless legacy.

For in my heart I know they’re part of one eternal round,

Where a love through the ages is found

To which hearts of the children are bound.

Text:  Janice Kapp Perry

Music:  Janice Kapp Perry

Album:  Submitted Music (2007-2011)

Composition Date:  2008

More Info:  CMS 2008