Jesus, My Savior (Perry)

Jesus, My Savior (Perry)

Submitted Hymn Texts, Submitted Music (2012-present)

Jesus, my Savior, my refuge, my friend,

My comfort in weakness, my hope without end,

Ty word gives me solace, Thy love makes me whole.


Jesus, my haven from sorrow and pain,

Thy light in the darkness my soul doth sustain.

In all tribulations that daily befall,

Thou art my safe harbor, my courage, my all.


Jesus, my shepherd, my shelter, my shield,

My heart to Thy kingdom forever is sealed.

Thy essence surrounds me with marvelous light,

Thy spirit doth lead me to paths that are right.


Jesus, my Savior, my joy and my song,

An unfailing beacon that still leads me on,

I give Thee my worship, my will and my heart.

Please lead me to heaven to be where Thou art.

Text: Janice Kapp Perry

Album: Submitted Music (2012-present)

Composition Date: 2012

More Info: CMS 2012


Jesus Christ, Savior, Healer