It Is with Christ

It Is with Christ

Music from the New Era

1. The veil was drawn on our earthly entrance,
Our mem’ry gone of life before our birth.
Here we’ll learn and grow and seek to know
God’s plan of truth for all men on the earth.


It is with Christ we can choose the right way;
To Him we’ll listen and obey.
We will strive to follow His command that we may dwell with Him someday.


2. It is God’s plan—all to know His Spirit,
To feel the comfort of His peace and love;
Free the soul from darkness and from sin
Through Christ’s atonement and His grace above.



3. We are disciples of the Restoration,
Commissioned now to spread His holy ways,
Fight the pow’r of Satan’s hold on men,
And cry repentance in the latter days.

Text: Rebecca Woodworth

Music: Rebecca Woodworth

Artist: Woodworth

Album: Music Published in the Church Magazines: New Era

Composition Date: 1987-08-01

More Info: New Era


God's plan, Christ our Redeemer, obedience, choices