In The Silence

Submitted Music (2012-present)

1. In the silence of the evening

Underneath a winter sky, 

When the stars stream forth in splendor,

Thy coming Lord, is nigh.

Oh, will I see thee in thy beauty?

Will I hear the angels sing?

Are my own gifts pure and ready

For an offering to bring?


2. In the silence, in the shadows,

Lo, the light of truth burns bright.

In thy peace and in thy power

There will never more be night!

Oh, let thy Saints rejoice to together,

Let our hearts rise to thy throne,

Let thy love be as a beacon 

That will guide us safely home.


3. In the sunrise, sweet with bird-song,

In the clarity of morn,

Let me seek thee, let me find thee,

Let thy love in me be born!

Oh, Savior, Lord come to redeem us, 

Let me walk thy gentle way,

Let thy mercy all sufficient, 

Light my striving mortal day. 

Text: Susan Evans McCloud

Music: Michael Moody