In The Garden (Snyder)

In The Garden (Snyder)

Music for Choirs, Submitted Music (2012-present)

In The Garden


In the garden Jesus suffered

As He bled at ev’ry pore,

Paid the sin price for my failings,

Felt my pains, my sorrows sore.


On the hill our Lord was mocked

And crucified for all to see.

Jesus sacrificed His life,

Descended deep to ransom me.


Now the wounds in Jesus’ hands

And feet are tokens of His love,

Come, repent and follow Him

So we can live with Him above.


Soon we will partake of emblems

Blessed as sacramental signs.

With our promise to remember,

He can sanctify our lives.

Text: Delys W. Snyder

Music: Delys W. Snyder