In That Holy Place

In That Holy Place

Young Women Selected Songs: A Song of the Heart

Where the spirit teaches truth and testifies of Christ.

There with-in that holy place our hearts are made as one,

United by the pow’r of God in pure eternal love.

2. Holy temple where we learn creation’s grand design,

Where our souls will be endowed with power from on high.

There we kneel, our hearts prepared to cov’nant with our Lord,

And there His Spirit binds our lives in love forever more.

3. Holy temple where we bless our loved ones gone before,

Where eternal ties are sealed by sacred priesthood pow’r.

There we turn our hearts to those who gave us life and birth.

How beautiful that holy place where heaven dwells on earth.

Text: Sally DeFord

Music: Sally DeFord


temple, covenants, faithfulness, geneology