In His Light (Killpack)

In His Light (Killpack)

Music for Youth, Solos to Sing, Submitted Music (1998-2006)

Each morning I kneel in a quiet place

And seek my Father in prayer

In hopes that he will grant unto me

His love, His kindness, His care.

The warmth of His Spirit stirs in my soul

And fires my heart with its flame.

And it is clear my Savior is near;

Softly He calls my name.

In the wondrous Light of my Savior’s Love

I feel joy and hope and peace.

He calms my fears and dries all my tears.

Heartaches within me cease.

In the wondrous Light of My Savior’s Love

My desires to serve burn bright.

I want to do all He asks me to

Knowing that He will strengthen me;

Keeping me safe in His Light


And when evening comes I kneel once again

To thank my father above

Who helps me see His great plan for me;

And fills my soul with His love.

I’m awed by the sacrifice of His Son

Who suffered that mankind might be

Redeemed from sin; to live again.

He died, in part, for me.

In the wondrous Light of my Savior’s Love

Is the strait and narrow way

That leads me home to my Father’s throne;

There, nevermore to stray.

In the wondrous Light of my Savior’s Love

Glorious visions fill my sight.

And when life’s through, should He find me true,

I know that He will come for me;

Ransoming me in His Light.

Forever free in His Light.

Text: Clive M. Killpack

Music: Clive M. Killpack

Album: Submitted Music (1998-2006)

Composition Date: 2000

More Info: CMS 2000


Prayer, Trust, Light