I’ll Follow Christ

I’ll Follow Christ

Music from the New Era

1. My life, like the sands which form the earth,
molding, changing from my birth.
My life I can build on rock or on the sand.
On Christ, my rock, alone I’ll stand.
I will look to Christ to show the way, His word obey.

I’ll follow Christ, each step in His while upon this earth I roam.
My hand in His, I’ll walk led by faith.
He’ll lead me home.


2. A seed, a growing plant in need of care,
My Source of Light is always there.
I’ll feed on Living Water and the Bread of Life,
seeking Him in joy and strife.
I will look to Christ from day to day, His word obey.



3. One goal, a mighty purpose to fulfill,
accomplished when I do His will.
I’m whole when again Christ’s presence I have won,
when He says, “My child, well done.”
I will look to Christ eternally, His word believe.


He’ll lead me home.

Text:  Reed Hainsworth

Music:  Rebecca Hainsworth

Artist:  Hainsworth/Hainsworth

Album:  Music Published in the Church Magazines: New Era

Composition Date:  1988-08-01

More Info:  New Era


Christ, faith, obedience, mission