I’ll Be Your Friend

I’ll Be Your Friend

Music from the New Era

1. In every soul there burns a flame
That lights our path and helps us get back home again.
And should it grow too dim to see,
We wander, lost. We cannot see eternity.

I. I’ll share my light when yours is low.
II. You’ll share your light when I can’t see the way to go.
I. On every choice (I. and II.) so much depends.
I’ll be your friend.


2. My hopes and dreams are like a spark.
I share them, and they glow more bright within my heart.
My sorrows aren’t so hard to bear
When you are there to listen, understand, and care.



3. I know your heart is good and true,
So when you stumble, I still see the best in you.
When I grow tired along the way,
You cheer and help me want to strive another day.

I. and II. Along our way I’ll be your friend.

Text: Jan Pinborough

Music: Kenneth Jones

Artist: Pinborough/Jones

Album: Music Published in the Church Magazines: New Era

Composition Date: 1998-06-01

More Info: New Era


Caring, friendship