If Christ Should Speak to Me

If Christ Should Speak to Me

Music from the Friend

1. If Christ should speak to me and bid me follow Him,
As when he walked in Galilee and old Jerusalem,
Would hearing his kind voice aloud be any plainer still
Than gentle promptings deep within that bid me do His will?

2. If I could feel His hands and touch His wounded side,
Would I be any surer then that it was he who died?
If I beheld the open tomb and knelt with him to pray,
Could I more boldly testify that He lives on today?

3. No witness is more sure, no sight or sound more real,
Than when the Holy Ghost confirms the truth I know and feel.
For spirit speaks to spirit and sweet assurance gives.
With grateful heart I praise the Lord; I know my Savior lives.

4. One day I’ll hear His voice and see Him face to face.
I’ll touch the nail prints in his hands and feel his warm embrace.
Until that blessed day arrives, when I before him bow,
The Holy Spirit teaches me to love Him here and now.

Text: Jenny Francis

Music: Jenny Francis

Artist: Francis

Album: Music Published in the Church Magazines: Friend

Composition Date: 1995-07-01

More Info: Friend


Obedience, Jesus Christ, guidance, spirituality