I Want to Be Baptized (Friend)

I Want to Be Baptized (Friend)

Music for Children, Music from the Friend

1. I want to be baptized in clothes pure and white,

To follow the Savior, to do what is right.

I’ll covenant with Him to always be true,

For this is the thing that He want me to do.

2. I want to be baptized when I have turned eight,

To enter Christ’s kingdom through baptism’s gate.

I’ll take His name gladly, be known as His child,

And strive to be worthy, more Christ-like and mild.

3. I want to be baptized by God’s priesthood pow’r,

Be given His spirit, be cleansed as by fire.

The Spirit will guide me if I will obey

And help me return to my Father one day.

Text: Gary Croxall

Music: Kathleen Holyoak

Artist: Croxall/Holyoak

Album: Music Published in the Church Magazines: Friend

Composition Date: 2012-07-05

More Info: Friend


Baptism, covenant, Jesus Christ, Holy Ghost, priesthood, obedience, priesthood, covenants