I Am a Mormon Boy

I Am a Mormon Boy

Music from the Friend

1. Kind friends, as here I stand to sing
And look into your eyes,
I feel as if I have inside
A dozen butterflies;
But never mind, for I’m a boy
Who’s always full of joy—
A brave and willing sort of chap—
An honest Mormon boy.


2. I’m proud to know that I was born
On earth in these last days,
That I’ve been taught to love the truth
And serve in many ways;
Yet I confess that sometimes I
Still manage to annoy
My dearest friends, but that’s a fault
Of many a Mormon boy.


3. My father is a Mormon true,
And when I am a man,
I want to be like him and do
Just all the good I can.
My faults I’ll try to overcome,
And while I life enjoy,
With pride I’ll lift my head and say,
“I am a Mormon boy.”



A Mormon boy, a Mormon boy,
I am a Mormon boy;
I might be envied by a king,
For I am a Mormon boy.

Text: Evan Stephens

Music: Evan Stephens

Artist: Stephens

Album: Music Published in the Church Magazines: Friend

Composition Date: 1986-10-01

More Info: Friend


Mormon Boy, youth, Aaronic Priesthood, honesty