Hear and Hearken

Hear and Hearken

Music from the New Era

1. I read words upon the paper,
Race thru pages one by one,
And forget these words are coming
From the Father and his Son.
So my eyes stray to the window
As my thoughts lag far behind,
And the power of the scriptures
Fails to reach my wand’ring mind.



2. If I concentrate and focus,
Train my mind to really seek,
Then the letters take on meaning
And the words begin to speak.
What were once but plain black letters
Take on life and lift me up,
Heal my heart and soothe my spirit,
And refill my empty cup.



3. In the scriptures there is power
If I pay the needed price.
First I read and then I ponder,
And apply them in my life.
Oh the joy, the joy of knowing
What the Lord would have me do.
For in doing comes the power
To meet life and see it through.



I must hear and hearken,
Read, and then obey.
I must pray and ponder,
Then walk within his way.
It is not enough to read,
To lay hold upon the word.
Not until I give full heed,
Will he know I have heard.

Text:  Gerald Lund

Music:  Lynn Lund

Artist:  Lund/Lund

Album:  Music Published in the Church Magazines: New Era

Composition Date:  1995-06-01

More Info:  New Era


scriptures, comfort, guide, joy