He Is There

Music from the New Era

1. In a world filled with so many people
There are times when you feel all alone,
Times when no one understands how you’re feeling deep inside,
And it seems you’re left to struggle on your own.
But no matter how bad this world seems
There is always one place you can turn,
For our Father is near, just waiting for your prayer,
And you won’t feel alone once you’ve learned
That He is there,


watching over you.
He is there to help you make it through.
Anytime you’re feeling troubled
Just go to Him in prayer
And He will comfort you,
For He is always there.


2. Life is full of temptations and trials,
And at times you may stray from the light.
Feeling lost and afraid over choices that you’ve made,
You can sometimes feel you’ll never get things right.
But we weren’t sent to earth to fail.
That’s why Jesus paid the price for our sins.
Our Father knows your burdens. He’s heard your ev’ry cry.
Just trust Him; He will be your one true friend,
For He is there,

Text: Margo Edgeworth

Music: Margo Edgeworth

Artist: Edgeworth

Album: Music Published in the Church Magazines: New Era

Composition Date: 2000-09-01

More Info: New Era


loneliness, solace, prayer, choices, trials, comfort