Guard Him, Joseph

Guard Him, Joseph

Music from the Ensign

1. Guard Him, Joseph, as He slumbers
There behind the stable doors.
Let no errant sound distress Him;
Tread thou softly on the floor.
Linger watchful round the manger;
Hush thy voice and still the beasts,
For thou hast within thy keeping
Christ, the infant Prince of Peace.

2. Guard Him, Joseph, through the darkness,
Watching o’er Him till the dawn.
Bid the shepherds enter meekly,
Stand in wonder, gaze in awe.
Trim thy lamp and shield thy candle;
See they burn all through the night,
For thou hast within thy keeping
Christ, the everlasting Light.

3. Guard Him, Joseph, from all danger;
Keep thy vigil nigh His bed.
Let no harm nor grief befall Him;
Stand thou in a father’s stead.
When His mother’s arms be weary,
Hold Him gently as thine own,
For thou hast within thy keeping
God’s own well-beloved Son.

Text: Sally DeFord

Music: Sally DeFord

Artist: DeFord

Album: Music Published in the Church Magazines: Ensign

Composition Date: 2012-12-07

More Info: Ensign


Christmas, fatherhood, Jesus Christ - birth