God Did Provide Himself A Lamb

God Did Provide Himself A Lamb

Submitted Hymn Texts, Submitted Music (2007-2011)

1. God did provide Himself a Lamb

To sacrifice and pay sin’s price.

For Him there was no waiting ram

In thicket by, nor angel nigh

To spare the Son He sent to die.


2. For Christ was destined to atone,

And so He came our souls to claim.

He trod the grapes of wrath alone

For one and all, the great and small,

To save them freely from the Fall.


3. Shall I sit down with Abraham

Who met his test—at God’s behest

To offer his most precious lamb—

If I withhold from Christ’s own fold

Mere offerings of time or gold?


4. Then what of woes that come my way

As passing years bring trials and tears?

They are but shadows born of clay

That fade and flee, and I shall see

Beyond them all that’s heavenly.

Text: Rodney Turner


repentance, Jesus Christ, atonement, trials