Glad Tidings from Cumorah

Glad Tidings from Cumorah

Music from the New Era

1. Glad tidings from Cumorah!
An angel has returned to earth
To yield a book of priceless worth
Into a prophet’s hands.
The fulness of the gospel
The Savior gave his “other sheep”
Breaks forth, as with a flood, to sweep
All nations, tribes, and lands.


2. Oh, hear the voice of gladness!
An ancient record is restored;
Another witness of the Lord
Has spoken from the dust.
Its message must be sounded
As with a trump in ev’ry tongue,
For truth out of the earth has sprung
To gather out the just.

Text:  Douglas Ipson

Music:  Douglas Ipson

Artist:  Ipson

Album:  Music Published in the Church Magazines: New Era

Composition Date:  1994-08-01

More Info:  New Era


Book of Mormon, another witness, Cumorah, prophet, gathering