Gentle Jesus

Music from the Ensign

1. Gentle Jesus in the manger
Came to teach us all to care
For each other, for the stranger,
Came to show us love and prayer

2. Gentle Jesus, Holy Baby,
Born in little Bethlehem.
Shepherds brought their gifts to praise him,
Magi left him precious gems.

3. Gentle Jesus in the starlight,
Heav’nly angels sang his birth.
Gentle Jesus in the stable,
Lord of heav’n and Lord of earth.

Text: Mabel Gabbott

Music: Michael Moody

Artist: Gabbott/Moody

Album: Music Published in the Church Magazines: Ensign

Composition Date: 1982-12-01

More Info: Ensign


Christmas, Jesus Christ - birth, love, prayer