Forsake Me Not

Music from the New Era

1. Forsake me not; be not far from me,
though like a lamb I’ve gone astray.
Lord, wilt thou put thy arms around me
and lead me back with thee to stay?


2. Forsake me not; be not far from me
when sorrows press upon my soul.
Lord, grant me strength and understanding.
Lift up my heart and make me whole.


3. Father, I know that thou art with me.
I have no reason, then, to fear.
Thy loving answer reassures me,
“My child, I always will be near.”

Text: Margo Faraoni

Music: Margo Faraoni

Artist: Faraoni

Album: Music Published in the Church Magazines: New Era

Composition Date: 1995-08-01

More Info: New Era


Protection, love, caring, reassurance