For the Strength of Youth

For the Strength of Youth

Music for Choirs, Music for Youth, Submitted Music (1998-2006)

In the strength of youth I’ll serve the Lord with heart and mind and might.

I will stand for truth and righteousness. I’ll strive to do what’s right.

I will seek through prayer and God’s own word to know the Savior’s way.

I will choose each day while in my youth to live my life by faith.


I will serve the Lord in purity in thought and word and deed.

I will keep His laws of chastity. I’ll keep my body clean.

I will honor sacred covenants wherever I may be.

I will enter in God’s holy house and serve Him worthily.

[I will be prepared to enter in God’s temple worthily]


I will strive to keep the Sabbath day. I’ll love my family.

I’ll obey the Word of Wisdom, too, That God may strengthen me.

I will use my hands to life the poor: to comfort, warm, and feed.

I will make the time to be a friend and go where Christ needs me.


I will give my time and all I own to help this work go forth.

With my strength and witness I will build Christ’s kingdom here on earth.

I will fill my heart with songs of hope. I’ll lift my soul with praise.

In the strength of youth I will prepare to serve the God all my days.

Text: John V. Pearson

Music: John V. Pearson

Album: Submitted Music (1998-2006)

Composition Date: 2001

More Info: CMS 2001


Discipleship, Youth, Courage