Firm in the Faith

Firm in the Faith

Seminary Music: Book of Mormon

If all men had been and were and ever would be.

Men of faith clothed in the armor of the Lord.

It would cause the powers of darkness to tremble and to shake.

When the story of heroes is told.

This mystery begins to unfold

The life with the greatest reward

Is the life turned over to the Lord.

A hero achieves his greatest good.

When he seeks to know the will of God.

He can make more of a man than any man without him ever can.

He’ll deepen your joys.

Strengthen your arms.

Comfort your soul.

Keep you from harm.

Fill you with power through his loving grace. 

If you but stand firm in the faith.

His eyes see all that is hidden from view.

The strength of his hand and the hero in you

Verse 2

Those who believe the prophet’s word.

Receive a sacred promise from the Lord.

He can make more out of you than you could ever hope to do alone.

He’ll open your eyes. 

Quicken your mind.

Help you to place your fears behind.

Fill you with power through his loving grace.

If you but stand.

Firm in the faith

If you but stand

Firm in the faith

Text: Steven K. Jones

Music: Kurt Bestor

Arranged By: Brian Jensen

Artist: David Brooks


faith, strength, testimony, armor of God