Come unto Him

Seminary Music: New Testament

1. He came to us. He loved us that much;

There isn’t a soul He’s unwilling to touch.

No life so dark He cannot light.

No sadness no sorrow He cannot right.



Come unto Him. Come unto Him; 

Come unto Him. Come learn of Him,

 He meek and humble and lowly of heart;

Come unto Him. Come Unto Him


2. He came to earth, He lived as a man;

There’s no earthly care he can’t understand.

No earthly pain He did not feel’

No hunger, no heartache He cannot heal.


3. He lived like us, acquainted with grief,

To those who believe He offers relief.

He opens eyes He forgives sin,

For the humble, the faithful who follow Him.

Text: Steven K. Jones

Music: Sam Cardon

Artist: John Canaan


healing, repentance, Jesus Christ, forgiveness